Why Use a Rice Cooker?

Published: 29th October 2010
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Brown rice is a healthy addition to the diet, a good source of the important macronutrient protein, as well as a number of other vitamins and minerals. Including rice in the diet can also be a filling and satisfying way to reduce the overall calories and to lose weight. But cooking rice on the stove can be a pain because if you donít time it exactly right, it will be either undercooked, leaving you with hard, pellet-like rice, or overcooked, which is mushy and unappetizing. Cooking rice too long releases more of the starch, which is what makes it more likely to raise blood sugar and cause weight gain. Using a rice cooker, however, will ensure that you have perfectly cooked rice every time.

In addition to making sure that your rice is perfectly cooked, pasta should be cooked properly as well, stopping just short of completely done. Pasta that is al dente, or "to the tooth," has just a little bite left in it and does not cause blood sugar spikes like the overly done soft pasta can. Having a little more body to it can allow the pasta to pick up and hold more of the sauce, which may mean even more vegetable servings depending on the type of sauce used.

The Aroma Nutriware NRC 600 16-cup rice cooker not only cooks rice but also boils pasta and potatoes and can even cook more with the addition of either the stainless steel colander or the stainless steel steam tray. You can steam meat and veggies while the rice cooks. Your meal is ready in one single appliance. There is no need to face a mountain of dishes at the end of your meal if you are able to cook everything in one place.

A full sixteen-cup capacity allows for larger amounts of rice to be cooked at one time, but you can use the rice cooker to make smaller amounts, too. All of the surfaces that will be in contact with your food are made of 304 grade polished, surgical stainless steel meaning, that it is all easy to clean. Ease of cleaning is one of the number one benefits that people look for when they choose an appliance like a rice cooker. There is no sense in owning something that is so difficult to clean that you will never use it.

In addition to the rice cooker itself, the Aroma Nutriware NRC 600 comes with a stainless steel colander, a stainless steel steaming tray, a recipe book filled with dozens of easy to follow and nutritious recipes, a measuring cup and a bamboo rice paddle. You can select how much rice you want to cook by using the digital control panel. That way, you have well cooked, perfectly done rice that is fluffy, nutritious and most importantly, delicious for all of your personal recipes as well as new favorites in the book. Using brown rice ensures more nutritional value than the white variety but there are also other flavors to choose from as well.

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